You may have heard of Nutrisource puppy food when purchasing dog food for your young dog. But is it healthy for your puppy? Continue reading to learn what nutritional value means, what the ingredients’ overall meanings are, and other crucial company details that will influence your choice.

Wet and dry dog food, as well as a line of all-natural treat products, are all produced by the family-run business NutriSource. The company offers a range of formulas to accommodate various dietary requirements, and each one includes numerous extra nutritional advantages that support your dog’s overall health.

You can decide whether or not this NutriSource dog food is any good by reading this review. Is it safe for your pet to eat dog food? Would it supply them with the food and sustenance they require?

Introduction of Nutrisource Puppy Food

Given that NutriSource Dog Food is a super premium product, the company may not remain unheard of for very long in the pet food industry. This family-run business that produces holistic pet food is rising through the ranks.

It takes pride in using high-quality ingredients and adding extra vitamin E and folic acid. A thorough examination of its ingredients shows that it is superior dog food. Breeds that are small and large would be fortunate to eat this every day.

Nutritional Values of Nutrisource Puppy Food

nutrisource puppy food

For you to have a basic understanding of the nutritional value in the NutriSource formula, we’ve taken the average nutritional values from the five most popular wet and dry formulas.


Regarding grain-based dog food, this formula’s 26% protein content is respectable. It is also suitable for the majority of dogs because the fat and fiber contents are 14% and 3.3%, respectively. The average meal has 420 kcal of calories, which is suitable for an adult dog of average size.


However, these values slightly stray from being of good nutritional value when it comes to their canned food. For wet dog food, this is not unusual. These formulas have a shallow 9.8% protein content on average. It has a 7.94% fat content and a 1% fiber content.

In comparison to what it would be in food for humans, fat is not as concerning. Although dogs can turn fat into energy, if your dog has any weight problems, this may be excessive. Some dogs may find it difficult to digest because the 1% fiber content is a little low. Last but not least, the average number of calories per meal is 300 KCAL, which is a bit high but not by much.

Despite this, finding a meal that is both nutritious and delicious for your pet is not just about looking at the nutritional information. The other half is provided by the substances and supplements we will discuss below.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements of Nutrisource Puppy Food

Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements are typically listed lower on the list of ingredients in dog food formulas because they are lighter in weight. They, therefore, take up less room in the formula. In order to keep your dog healthy, NutriSource has packed its dog food with a variety of healthy ingredients, including vitamins, the B complex, C, D, and E, as well as iron and potassium.

However, the company also recommends a few other supplements as a way to keep your pet healthy.

nutrisource puppy food
  • Omega 3 and 6: Because they are good for your dog’s skin and fur, these two ingredients are found in the majority of dog foods. They can enhance indoor coats and moisturize dry skin.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics are naturally occurring bacterial enzymes that reside in the digestive system of your pet. They are there to consume any harmful bacteria that may gather. They aid in maintaining a strong immune and digestive system.
  • Taurine: This ingredient, an amino acid, has a number of advantages including strengthening your dog’s eyes, bones, and muscle tissue.
  • L-Carnitine: Another amino acid that serves the same purpose as the previous one is this one.
  • DHA and EPA: Both of these fall into the omega category, but they are better suited to support your pet’s cardiovascular health.
  • Glucosamine: This is a supplement that supports the joint health of your dog. It not only reduces inflammation and pain, but it also acts as a preventative, especially in dogs who are predisposed to hip dysplasia or arthritis.

Pros and Cons of Nutrisource Puppy Food


  • Freshness

Numerous NutriSource customers reported that their dogs liked the food and that it remained fresh through the last bag.

  • Easy to Digest

Reviews for every item on the list mentioned how easy it was for their dogs to digest it. The way dogs are experiencing fewer stomach problems is undoubtedly receiving rave reviews from customers.


  • Slow Delivery Time

Some customers complained that the wait time for the food bags was longer than ideal. The food was fresh when it was delivered, which is a positive aspect of this.

  • Overpriced by Some Vendors

Even though there isn’t a direct connection between this and NutriSource, some retailers are overcharging for dog food, which isn’t great for the dog food company. Customers suggest buying in person rather than online because they claimed that local stores offered it for less money offline than they did online.

nutrisource puppy food

Where to Buy NutriSource Dog Food?

Products from NutriSource are available for purchase online as well as in some regional pet food chains, specialty pet stores, and local pet food chains.

On occasion, KLN Family Brands publishes coupons on its website. You can connect with the brand on social media to get updates on new products and promotions. Various retailers may also offer coupons for NutriSource dog food.

Customers Reviews

  • This puppy food was purchased from the same source that we purchased our full-breed Beagle. Since the food is good, I’ll keep buying both cans and food. We combine the wet and dry ingredients in the cans, and our puppy adores the result.
  • Although my puppy doesn’t like it very much, with some encouragement I can get her to eat it.
  • Our dog enjoys her food, but we top it with whole foods! Our Goldendoodle puppy loves these great-sized kibbles.
  • It’s very simple for my little doxie to chew and she loves it. recommended by her breeder.


Who Makes NutriSource and Where is It Made?

All NutriSource dog foods are produced in the United States. All the brand’s dry recipes are manufactured at its family-owned company facilities in Perham, Minnesota. The company’s wet foods are produced at its own pet food cannery located in Delano, Minnesota.

Is NutriSource Dog Food Good for Puppies?

Two of the six puppy formulas sold by NutriSource are created especially for large-breed puppies. and a few other all-life-stages products that are also thought to be safe for puppies. The brand also offers products that are labeled “adult maintenance”. Puppies shouldn’t be given these.

Is NutriSource Dog Food Good for Seniors?

For senior dogs, NutriSource offers three senior dog foods. One grain-inclusive dry senior formula, one grain-free dry recipe, and one canned recipe. All three recipes adhere to AAFCO’s nutrition standards for adult maintenance. Less than 400 calories are present per cup in each dry recipe. Each is therefore a beneficial choice for senior dogs.

What Company Owns NutriSource Dog Food?

KLN Family Brands is the owner of the NutriSource brand of dog food. The company was founded by Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson and it got its start in Perham, Minnesota, as the Pine Lakes Feed company in 1947.

Conclusion: is NutriSource a Good Dog Food?

Overall, this is an all-natural dog food formula that is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Recipes are available from NutriSource for the majority of dietary requirements, and your pet will enjoy the tasty flavors.

Just a few disadvantages exist in addition to that. One of them is that food costs more money. Second, despite being available on Amazon, it is not as readily accessible on store shelves.

The best overview of the dog food company NutriSource and what it has to offer your dog is provided in this review. Don’t forget to share this post if it helps you.