Does your dog like to chew? Whether you are a novice or a veteran of puppy care, you probably know how much puppies chew. Shoes, clothes, handbags, furniture – as long as you can think of – there seemed to be nothing taboo in the first few months. During this time, setting chewing boundaries for your dog is almost a protracted battle.

In addition to testing your patience, you may also know that it is completely natural and instinctive for a puppy to chew. In addition to relieving pain and discomfort during teething, chewing can also help maintain a healthy mental state by releasing two important neurotransmitters; Dopamine and serotonin help fight boredom and strengthen jaw muscles.

A bully stick is one of the best chewing snacks you can give your puppy to help meet their needs – chewing and nibbling.

What is a Bully Stick?

Bully sticks are made from a specific kind of dried beef muscle, sometimes called pizzas. These natural foods are considered to be a safe chewing material for dogs and a substitute for raw hides.

They vary in shape, size, and style, although they are made from one part of the bull. Although the manufacturing process of each company may be different, the “bully sticks” are drained, baked, and then air-dried.

You may have heard of these natural dog food and other names. For example:

  • Ox stick
  • Penis sticks of cattle and other animals
  • Penis of cattle and other animals
  • Penis of cattle and other animals
  • Guide rod

No matter what you call them, dogs think they are delicious.

Benefits of a Dog Having a Bully Stick?

A black and white Chinese crested puppy chewing on a bully stick while looking at the camera

A bully stick is a good treat, you can give your dog a lot of different reasons to chew. Like nylon bones or potato starch bones, these are considered safe chewing materials for dogs. Because they are only made of meat, they pose fewer health risks and are good for the health of dogs.

  • The stick is easy to digest and does not contain harmful toxins.
  • They are dry, so no chemicals or pesticides are added.
  • Protein-rich chewing helps support a healthy coat.
  • Sticks are not made of bones. They don’t break like bones.
  • These natural chews promote oral health. The hard surface of the stick helps to scrape plaque off the dog’s teeth.
  • Beef muscle used for chewing is rich in protein and essential amino acids, not just empty calories.
  • Amino acids help support your dog’s healthy brain function.
  • The bully bar is very suitable for heavy chewers.
  • Because dogs are naturally chewy, bullying sticks help promote positive chewing habits rather than destructive ones.
  • The natural beef smell attracts your dog to chew, providing clean teeth and healthy jaw muscle development.
  • They come in many different sizes, so all dogs can benefit from this natural chewing.

How Long Should I Allow My Dog to Bite?

Making sure your dog chews properly can reduce the risk of choking. If you’re not sure, wear a larger size. Worse, chewing lasts longer.

When Should I Take My Dog’s Bully Stick?

Although small sticks are easy to digest, if your dog swallows a large stick, it may be seriously injured. If your dog swallows a large piece or whole chew, he may suffocate or develop gastrointestinal discomfort.

When a dog’s stick is small enough to swallow, you should take it away. Watching your dog closely can help prevent such accidents. After each play, be sure to check the chewable to make sure your dog can still play. When you’re not sure, throw it away and buy a new one. Also, make sure you buy the right size chew for your dog.

What Size of Bully Stick Should I Feed My Puppy?

Bully Sticks

Bullying sticks are good for dogs because they last. Bully sticks last longer than ordinary dogs because they are hung up to dry and then baked at high temperatures to make them good and hard. Bullying sticks are also available in various sizes, so you can feed different sizes of bullying sticks to your puppy when he grows up.

The length of the bar is usually 6 inches or 12 inches, and the thickness ranges from 10 mm to 23 mm or more.

Carefully choose the stick that fits your dog’s weight. A stick that is too big is too big for your dog, and he may eat too many sticks at once. Remember, overfeeding can cause mild stomach pain.

On the contrary, giving a larger puppy a stick that is too small will not only reduce the time occupied by the stick, thus minimizing its benefits, but also increase its chances of breaking the stick and choking on it. Swallowing a stick that is not chewed can also cause intestinal obstruction.

Also, consider your puppy’s chewing intensity and chewing preferences. If you have a powerful chewer, you may need to consider a size bully stick.

Can My Dog Eat a Stick Every day?

Dogs like these natural chewable, so they can easily over chew with a stick. Just like a child eating sweets, everything should be in moderation. We recommend that your dog plays with their bully stick only once a day. It also helps to monitor worn chewing toys easily and keep them safe.

What to Do If My Dog Swallows a Stick?

Even under the most vigilant eyes, accidents can still happen. If your dog eats their bullying stick, they are likely to be fine. However, chunks can cause problems, so be aware of these signs and be prepared to take your dog to the vet. First, call your veterinarian and note the following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath or heaviness.
  • Not interested in food.
  • Vomiting-like behavior.
  • Excessive hacking.

If your dog swallows a stick, you should call your veterinarian. Treatments for swallowing bullies include intravenous fluids and night care, or your dog may need urgent life-saving surgery.

Give Your Puppy Bully Skick in  a Safe Way 

When you give your dog a bully stick, be sure to use safety equipment, such as our bully buddy. Puppies are excited chewers and chew fast. When the stick reaches its last inch or two, it can be a choking hazard if swallowed without chewing.

Although the bully stick is 100% digestible, the potential dangers of choking or intestinal obstruction are real. A safe stick holder will allow your pup to reap these healthy and tasty benefits while keeping your mind at peace.

Final Thoughts

Bullying stick is good long-term chewing, which brings a lot of happiness to your dog, supports a healthy mental state, and satisfies their instinctive desire to chew. We always recommend pairing your bullying stick with a bullying partner of the right size to make your dog safer and help prevent the risk of suffocation or intestinal obstruction. In addition, limit your dog to chewing only once a day. This gives your dog a chance to clean his teeth while enjoying delicious food.