As owners, we tend to expect incorrectly that all fruits and greens should be healthful for puppies if they are desirable for us. This assumption, unfortunately, leads to emergency veterinary visits and very unhappy puppies.

Some fruits and vegetables, however, are safe for puppies and provide a wholesome choice to conventional dog treats. Cucumber is one of these vegetables. In fact, they can make a brilliant low-calorie deal for your puppies.

Is Cucumber OK For Puppies To Eat

Yes, cucumbers are a safe treat for puppies. As we’ve mentioned, they have a veritably high- water content, with a low-calorie value, which means they’re a good volition to other mortal foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Cucumbers Are Low In Calories

It’s fortunate that puppies can eat cucumbers, because they’re one of the many mortal food treats that are low in calories. So, this is good news for fat and diabetic pups. However, many cucumber slices offered as a price for good behavior are the perfect occasional treat, If the warhorse gives the go- ahead. Still, as always, if you’re considering treating your doggy, it’s always stylish to consider high- quality treats that are made specifically for tykes over foods that are intended for humans. This is because these puppy treats will have been formulated specifically for pups, meaning that they’re less likely to beget digestive dislocations, and there are indeed some healthy puppy treat options that can help to contribute to your doggy’s overall nutrition. For diabetic and fat pups, there are also roughly low- calorie puppy treat options available.

Cucumbers Are Full Of Vitamins

Vitamins K, C and B are some of the nutrients existing in each slice of cucumber. However, this isn’t really important for our pups as they are in a position to get all the vitamins they need from complete, specially-formulated dog food, with no want for additional supplementation.

Is Cucumber Healthy For My Dog

Yes. Fresh cucumbers are about 96% water and are a delightfully crunchy way to remain hydrated on a hot day. They also comprise vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium, all vital components of a healthy puppy diet.

However, pickled cucumbers (and other pickled veggies) are packed with salt and frequently include other components that are no-nos for puppies, such as garlic or onion.

So omit the pickles and stick to the sparkling veggies.

Health Benefits For Puppies Eating Cucumbers

Still, also you formerly know that cucumbers are enough healthy if you’ve ever wanted to ameliorate your own nutrition. An 11- ounce raw, unpeeled cucumber contains just 45calories. However, each slice will contain just three calories, If you cut an average cucumber into 15 slices. That’s far smaller calories than the utmost marketable puppy treats on request.

What cucumbers do have a plenitude of are important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Fiber
  • Water

How To Serve Cucumber To Puppies

  • Combine peeled, chopped cucumber with gobbets of cantaloupe, celery, and pear for a stimulating dog-friendly salad side dish
  • Slice cucumbers into rounds and remove the soft raggedy center. Stuff cucumber slices with peanut adulation or cream cheese (these make fun creepy “eyeball” treats at Halloween)
  • Snap gobbets or pikestaffs of hulled cucumber for a teething treat for your puppy dog
  • Use small pieces of cucumber as low- calorie training treats
  • Top their regular puppy food with small pieces of cucumber for a stimulating mess
  • Dehydrate slices of cucumber to produce a leathery, summery treat

Can Eating Cucumbers Be Dangerous For Puppies

The only concern with cucumbers is that your puppy might love them too much and ingurgitate down too numerous. This could lead to gorging or choking, both great ways to ruin delicious food.

As with any treat, gorging cucumber can lead to a worried belly. The skin and seeds of a cucumber can be disturbing to a puppy’s stomach, so removing those particulars could help a more sensitive puppy enjoy this veggie.

Nibble on whole cucumbers can be a choking hazard. However, hash the veggies into a manageable size, If your puppy likes to wolf down her food.

As with any new food, when introducing cucumbers to your puppy, start with a little to make sure that your puppy digests it well.

How Many Cucumber Can My Dog Eat

A frequent suggestion from vets is to observe the 10% rule. Treats, together with uncooked veggies, can make up 10% of the energy in your dog’s diet.

Fresh cucumbers are only about 1% sugar by using weight, and one cup of chopped cucumbers has about 1 gram of sugar, 1 gram of dietary fiber and 16 calories. This can make cucumbers an accurate deal with alternative for puppies on a reduced-calorie eating regimen or with diabetes.

This may mean that you can deal with your Papillon to a slim cucumber spear on a warm afternoon, while your German shepherd might get a large scoop of frozen cuke chunks.

As a low-calorie food, cucumbers make amazing training treats and can be used as a topper on your dog’s normal dinner. Go in advance and share a slice from your salad with your pup.