A list of quick answers pertaining to pups just born is provided below. A little further down the page, you can read more about when puppies can start walking properly on a leash.

The capacity to walk is not innate in puppies. Newborn puppies, like human babies, are very delicate. But at what exact age do puppies begin to walk?

Puppies need approximately four weeks after birth to begin walking correctly. At two weeks of age, they will begin to stand, and at three weeks, they will be able to climb out of their whelping box. The puppy will begin to walk clumsily by the time they are 4 weeks old. 

Here is more information on those crucial first steps, when the child can walk on their own and begin to explore the world around them.

When Do Puppies Start Walking Properly?

You might be wondering what will happen when puppies begin to walk correctly. Small dogs running loose in your home might seem a little unsettling, especially if they are not properly contained.

Choose a good time to take your puppy for a walk by choosing the appropriate time. When do they begin to walk correctly, actually? From the time your puppy is born until they are old enough to walk on a leash, you can manage them with the assistance of this information.

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When Do Puppies Start Walking After Birth?

As soon as your puppy’s eyes open following birth, it will begin to mature. One to two weeks after birth, this typically occurs.

Within the first two weeks of his life, your puppy will waddle on his belly (sort of like belly surfing on a board). He is constantly developing the muscles in his legs while he is doing this.

when do puppies start walking

At around two weeks old, your puppy will begin to stand, though his initial attempts will be shaky (just like a human baby when they first try to stand). Walking won’t be far off now because the stronger he gets, the more active he’ll become.

Your puppy will want to leave his nest and explore the world by the time he is three weeks old. You’ll see him (along with all of his siblings) attempting to crawl out of their whelping box at this point. He will also be entertaining himself by climbing all over his mother!

This is a good time to purchase a sizable play or exercise pen so they can be contained if you want to keep all the puppies together.

Your puppy will be able to walk awkwardly by the time he is four weeks old. His strength and confidence in his postpartum walking will grow as the week’s pass.

At what Age Do Puppies Start Walking Properly?

Your puppy will grow and develop quickly beginning at four weeks old. He’ll keep building up his leg muscles, and his clumsy gait will start to straighten out.

Your puppy’s walking skills will advance between the ages of four and seven weeks when it will reach a steady gait. He’ll be fully active by the time he’s seven to eight weeks old, running around and generally causing havoc in the house. He’ll also probably be biting at your ankles by then.

You can begin taking your puppy on short walks around the house or garden at eight weeks old. For your puppy’s development, playtime and exercise are crucial. Their bones and joints are delicate until they are two years old, so don’t overdo it.

When Do Puppies Start Walking on a Leash?

You can still introduce your young puppy to the collar, harness, and leash even though it is best to avoid taking them on walks in the dog park before shots.

when do puppies start walking

For instance, your puppy can begin walking on a leash as early as 8 weeks old.

When you put a collar and leash on a puppy for the first time, they don’t immediately know how to walk properly! Be patient as you need to teach them the skill.

At eight to ten weeks old, your puppy should first be introduced to people. Put a collar and/or a harness on him for brief periods at first to help him get used to the sensation of wearing them. While he’s playing or strolling around the house, you could also attach the leash.

Give him some treats and make wearing a collar and leash enjoyable for him. This will ensure that your dog reacts positively each time you pull out the leash—there’s nothing like a little bribery to get a puppy to learn!).

Create a cue sound such as clicking or saying, “Here boy” whenever your puppy is learning to get used to the leash. You can praise him when he follows the cues and approaches you while wearing the leash.

You can take your puppy outside once he feels secure using a collar and leash indoors. Prior to allowing him to explore the neighborhood or the dog park, confine him to your garden or backyard.

Take advantage of your puppy’s opportunity to explore while wearing a collar and leash the first few times outside. The various smells, sights, and sounds will easily excite and divert him. Stop walking and give a cue if he pulls on the leash. Reward your dog with a treat when he responds.

At What Age Can You Walk a Puppy?

The first outdoor walks your puppy takes depend less on their age and more on their vaccination status. Ask your veterinarian how to begin your puppy’s vaccination schedule as soon as possible so they can be fully immunized and prepared to go outside, rather than wondering when puppies start walking.

Your puppy may be fully immunized and prepared to go outside by 16 to 18 weeks of age if they are otherwise healthy and fit and your veterinarian is happy to give them their shots on schedule.

when do puppies start walking

It goes without saying that just because your puppy has received all of the recommended shots and is shielded from dangerous diseases like parvovirus, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are prepared to go on day-long hikes.

When your puppy is very young, “walks” will mainly consist of a short venture outside to go to the bathroom, with much more emphasis on indoor play than long exercise sessions.

Conclusion: When Do Puppies Start Walking?

The majority of puppies will begin walking correctly at a very young age. It is probably a good idea to consult a veterinarian if you notice issues in animals 4 weeks of age and older.

Puppies may begin life helpless, but they soon learn to walk, open their eyes, and are incredibly curious about their surroundings. Your puppy will soon be prepared to start learning how to walk on a leash. You two are in for a world of enjoyable adventures, road trips, and playtime.


When Do Puppies Start Eating?

Your puppy will begin to consume solid foods, such as gruel, at four weeks of age. The quantity of gruel puppies consume depends on their age in weeks, as well as the size and breed of the dog. Dogs’ digestive systems mature quickly, and at this point, they begin to wean themselves off of their mothers’ milk.

When Do Puppies Start Drinking Water?

You can give your puppy a shallow bowl of water to drink from around the time that it begins to walk. But be ready to replace the water with fresh frequently because the puppy might not be able to tell the difference between drinking water and playing with water.

Dogs typically have no trouble drinking from a bowl, and puppies observe their mothers doing this.

Should a 2 Week Old Puppy Be Walking?

By two weeks of age, they should be alert and trying to stand. They ought to be attempting to exit their nest or whelping box by the age of three weeks. All of the puppies should be able to walk, run, and play for four weeks.