Everybody loves watermelon, even dogs. But is it protected for them to eat? The answer is yes, with a couple of precautions. Seeds ought to cause intestinal blockage, so make sure you put them off. It’s additionally a proper concept to cast off the rind due to the fact it can cause gastrointestinal upset.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Watermelon For Puppies

Watermelon is rich in antioxidants, potassium, and vitamins C, B6, and A. It’s also packed with Lycopene and high fiber. In fact, the Watermelon Promotions Board, a department of the USDA, considers watermelon a superfood. Indeed though it’s 92 water, besides being a superb choice for hydration on a scorching day, the high nutritive value of watermelon makes it one of the stylish choices as a healthy snack for both you and your puppy.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the health benefits of watermelon:

Moisture A high moisture percentage( 94) helps with hydration, an important consideration in hot weather.

Antioxidants Repairs cells damaged from environmental stresses put on our bodies and that of our puppies. suppose of them as the oxidation soldiers seeking damaged cells and saving them from decay that breaks down our puppies ‘ bodies as they progress.

Lycopene It’s what contributes to the beautiful red in watermelon and tomatoes. It’s also salutary for cancer forestallment and supporting vision in puppies. Research has also suggested it slows the rate of cancer growth.

Potassium Supports healthy kidney and heart function promotes healthy bone viscosity, regulates fluid situations, and helps muscle development.

Vitamin C Another powerful antioxidant, boosts the vulnerable system and reduces inflammation.

Fiber Keeps food moving through the intestinal tract to avoid constipation, help resolve diarrhea, and avoid blockages.

Vitamin A Supports the proper function and quality of skin, coat, muscles, and nerves.

Vitamin B6 A critical coenzyme for brain and body functions regulating fluid balance, erecting proteins, regulating hormones, and supporting neurotransmitters in your puppy’s body.

Is Watermelon Safe For Dogs

The flesh of a watermelon is a safe and nutritional treat for puppies, but the other parts of the fruit are not each right for your pooch to eat. According to the American Kennel Club, if puppies swallow watermelon seeds, the seeds can beget an intestinal blockage that isn’t only painful for your puppy but could come serious enough to bear surgery to correct.

While a seed or two is doubtful to beget health problems for large puppies, it does not take numerous of them to beget a blockage in small puppies.

It’s also unwise to give your puppy the rind — the hard green external skin of a watermelon — as ingesting it can beget gastrointestinal torture that triggers puking or diarrhea. While the fruit of the watermelon is a healthy snack in small quantities, eating too much of it could also give your puppy a worried stomach.

How To Feed Your Dog Watermelon

Just like any treat, given to your puppy in addition to their regular, balanced diet, Watermelon should be fed in temperance. Then are some safe ways to feed your puppy watermelon

In chunks Slice up watermelon and remove the rinds and seeds

Frozen chunks After removing the rinds and seeds, freeze the fruit in the freezer and take it out on a hot summer day. The treat will help cool down your puppy!

Puree Puree the fresh fruit after seeds and rinds are removed, also freeze in an ice cell charger.

Watermelon ice cream Blend frozen watermelon chunks with plain, thin yogurt. Add on top of your puppy’s food bowl or stuff it into a rubber toy similar to a Kong. Unless they suffer from lactose dogmatism, plain yogurt is safe to eat for the utmost puppies. It’s generally better permitted than ice cream, plus the bacterial cultures in yogurt are great for intestinal health. Just be sure to choose plain yogurt without any added flavors, fruit, sugars, natural sweeteners, or artificial sweeteners. Read the marker precisely to be sure the product doesn’t contain poisonous Xylitol. However, consider other options like lactose-free, dairy-based yogurt, If your puppy doesn’t handle yogurt well. Always read the label to avoid any unsafe additives or ingredients.

No Watermelon seeds. Watermelon seeds( the mature ones) aren’t safe for your puppy. A couple of seeds accidentally swallowed will presumably not be a detriment, but if you let your puppy munch away on a watermelon slice, they can ingest too numerous seeds. However, the hard seeds may not slide through the puppy’s digestive system causing an intestinal blockage, If that’s the case. This is especially true for small puppies who have much smaller intestines than larger puppies. So removing the seeds and offering small chunks is a stylish way for your puppy to enjoy this juicy fruit.

What Parts Of Watermelon Dogs Can’t Eat

Too much of anything can cause problems, and watermelon is the same.

It should be noted that 90 of any puppy’s diet should be their regular nutritionally balanced puppy food. Treats and watermelon would be an occasional treat, and should only be 10 of your puppy’s diet to avoid rotundity or diabetes.

Too much watermelon can cause breadbasket derangement, constipation, or diarrhea for your puppy. And lower puppies should have much less as a snack than a larger puppy.

The rind is another part of the watermelon that isn’t safe for your puppy. While they can nibble on the light green part of the rind, the rind itself is too tough for your puppy. Their digestive system can’t break it down effectively and it can beget an intestinal blockage just like the seeds can.

It’s best to remove the rind and the seeds before you offer the fruit to your puppy.