You need to be beginning to get into a movement with your new doggy – however,  don’t despair if you’re experiencing the ‘puppy blues’, you’re now not alone. Here’s some information about how to train and care for your 10-week-old puppy.

How To Train Your 10WeekOld Puppy

Basic Obedience Training

1. Sit by all feathers of surroundings, working up to 30 seconds and releasing with “ OK! ”

2. Adding “ stay ” but not really moving down yet, perhaps just many elevations.

3. Down in lots of surroundings but especially at home to make sure he knows it really well. We’ll work for 5 or 10 seconds.

4. Introduce “ drop ”( as in drop what’s in your mouth) in scripts I set up and while playing cost. ( This puppy dog picks up every gemstone he sees. I’m guessing that’s not normal?)

5. Continue working on staying for food. We’re up to about 15 seconds!


1. Sit outdoors nearly like the post office where people come and go and have treats.

2. Visit the original demesne down the road after academy when kiddies will be out. Bring treats!

3. Visit a canine-friendly yard/ coffee place.

4. Keep up with our diurnal walks around the neighborhood, and try to pick different routes.

5. Handle his bases and give treats. crop a nail or two each day. He squirms a lot, so I’ll release him when he’s calm.

6. Introduce him to the bath hogshead for a quick bath

Toilet Training

Restroom training is presumably the most delicate part of minding for your 10-week-old puppy dog. It requires a lot of tolerance and needs to be done constantly until the puppy dog is well trained and can go outside. Puppies need to use the restroom up to 12 times a day so they can go every two hours after sleeping, eating, or playing.

Still, they may come anxious and start to walk in circles or whiff different corners of the house, If tykes need a restroom break. An ideal launch for restroom training is using a review. This involves using a review as a restroom. Praise the 10-week-old puppy dog and give them attention when they need to use the review. Avoid crying at your doggy during this training indeed though they make miscalculations. With time, the puppy dog will get used to it and you can sluggishly move the paper towards the door before taking it outside eventually. Placing a soiled review outside may also help. Dogs follow scents and may be led to where the soiled review is.

Sleep Training

Generally, 10- week-old puppies need to sleep for over 18 to 20 hours daily. They should sleep in between colorful play sessions. One hour after eating is also ideal. Try to initiate sleeping time at the same time daily on their beds or jalopy. For them to sleep comfortably, puppies need a jalopy or bed if they’re to stay indoors or a kennel for tykes that will be posted outdoors. Before espousing a 10-week-old puppy dog, it’s ideal to give a warm, safe, and comfortable space where they can rest when they’re stressed, tired, anxious, or just need a quick nap.

Playtime Training

Playtime is essential because it promotes social development as well as the physical growth of puppies. It’s also a good time to bond with your 10-week-old puppy dog and get to know their likes, grains, and dislikes. For this to work, you need to choose a period when your pet is energetic.

 Playtime is also a good time to educate the 10-week-old puppy dog on simple commands and prepare for obedience training. You can start with simple sitting or staying commands during playtime. Be sure to use a treat to award the canine after each training. It’s an important part of puppy dog care.

Try not to overtire the doggy indeed though they’re energetic. This is because they’re still too youthful and can develop bone injuries or torn ligaments because they aren’t strong enough.

How To Care For Your 10WeekOld Puppy

Second Vaccinations

Still, they will now be due for their alternate set of vaccinations, If your 10-week-old puppy dog had their first round of injections at 8 weeks. These are typically 2- 4 weeks after the first injections.

Now is the time to make sure you have an appointment reserved with the warhorse.

Take along some delicious treats for your puppy dog to enjoy while at the warhorse. This will help them to associate commodity positive( the treat) with going to the warhorse and can make them less anxious about going in the future.

Teething And Biting

Has your 10-week-old puppy become a little nipper? During the teething phase, doggies chunk and bite to assist soothe sore gums. Make positive that you have an accurate choice of rubber toys for your domestic dog to bite as an alternative for you.

Biting is ordinary behavior but your puppy desires to analyze to be gentle with its mouth.

Sign Up For Puppy School

Get your doggy signed up for education classes. Your 10-week-old puppy will be equipped to go two weeks after they’ve had their 2d vaccination.


Puppies want a lot of interest as the first few weeks are crucial. This refined length will form the future of your dog. Regular veterinary checks, an appropriate dietary plan, and education make certain that the doggies develop into lovely and cute dogs.