Among companion animals, Yorkshire Terriers are a popular choice. A Yorkie puppy can range greatly in price. Prices for Yorkies can be much lower or higher than the typical range of $1,500 to $3,000, though.

A puppy’s lineage, appearance, health, and breeder will all affect the price. The price of a Yorkshire Terrier is influenced by the factors listed further down in this article.

Yorkie Puppy

Little dogs with big hearts, Yorkshire Terriers are well-loved. Many uninformed prospective dog owners looking for a new family pet are surprised by the price of this tiny dog breed because it can have a high price tag.

Yorkshire Terriers originate from northern England, where the breeders combined many Terrier breeds to get this little but brave dog that was originally known under the name Broken Haired Scotch Terrier, but was also named the Toy Terrier due to its small size.

Despite being bred to be ratter, Yorkies quickly made their way into our homes and evolved into the adoring lap dogs we know them as today.

The American Kennel Club (AKC), which officially registered the Yorkshire Terrier breed in 1878, quickly recognized the breed.

The Average Cost Of A Yorkie Puppy

Price points for Yorkies typically range from $800 to $1,500. The majority of puppies in this price range have already been kennel club registered. If the purebred Yorkshire Terrier pup, however, came from champions or superior bloodlines, prices range from $1,500 to $10,000. 

Most Yorkshire Terriers that are offered for sale at prices below the aforementioned average lack papers or, at the very least, have no evidence that they are purebred. 

While the lineage’s purity wouldn’t be a concern if you weren’t planning to breed the puppies for shows, you would be putting your dog’s health and financial security at risk because mixed-breed Yorkies are more likely to experience health issues than purebred ones.

Yorkie Puppies

What Affects The Yorkshire Terrier Price

The Type Of Breeder

The type of breeder you purchase your Yorkshire Terrier from will be the first and most important factor in determining the price.

Breeders differ widely from one another. Their breeding practices are what have a big impact on the price. We’ll explain.

Puppy Mills And Pet Stores

First, you have puppy mills. Puppy mills are establishments that allow for the breeding of dogs and the sale of their puppies.

Commercial breeders also referred to as puppy mills, view dogs merely as a source of income. Their aim is to have as many Yorkshire Terrier puppies as they can as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, this will result in the majority of their dogs not receiving the necessary attention or rest. Overbreeding is a common practice in puppy mills, where the mother dog’s health is often neglected.

Additionally, they frequently keep their dogs in unhygienic settings where they cannot receive the proper socialization and the environment is not clean enough.

Backyard Breeders

Next, you have backyard breeders. They don’t breed dogs in their backyard, but many live close by.

There are two categories of backyard breeders:

1. The dog owners who ended up with an unwanted litter of puppies are now attempting to sell them.

2. dog breeders who lack the expertise or knowledge necessary to properly breed dogs.

This is not meant to imply that all backyard breeders are undesirable. The majority adore their dogs and give them excellent care, which makes them better than puppy mills on their own.

These individuals lack knowledge of proper breeding techniques, though. Most won’t be able to provide you with any paperwork and won’t take their dogs for health examinations.

You can never be completely sure whether a dog is purebred when dealing with backyard breeders who accidentally produced Yorkie puppies.

Reputable Breeders

A reputable breeder will keep their price high – but there is a good reason for this.

The money spent on their dogs by reputable breeders is significant. In addition to premium dog food and permitted breeding practices, this also includes testing for various genetic health conditions.

A trustworthy breeder is your best bet if you want to purchase a healthy dog. These people will give you documents that detail the precise condition of the dog you’re planning to buy, including health clearances and other supporting documentation.

Rarely will a reliable breeder offer their purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppy for less than $1,500. The reason for this is that they must recover all of their costs and charge for their expertise.

Yorkie’s Papers / Documentation

The documentation ought to be included with a purebred Yorkie puppy. With the help of these documents, you can learn more about the parents, grandparents, kennel number, siblings, and breeder of your puppy.

These papers also act as your assurance of your Yorkie’s sound health. As a result, Yorkies with papers are more expensive than those without.

Yorkie’s Gender

Female Yorkie puppies typically cost more than male puppies, about $300 to $500 more. Due to the fact that people can profit from breeding them and selling their offspring, female puppies are typically more expensive.

Check any contracts before buying a puppy because many breeders don’t allow you to breed their puppies further.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog’s Coat

Every Yorkie is black and tan at birth. The four AKC registered colors—black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold—emerge in a few months as the coat color of the dog.

There are also tri-color Yorkies that are brown, white, and red as well as chocolate and white Yorkies. 

These dogs should be less expensive because they are not the breed’s standard variations. However, some breeders attempt to charge a higher price by marketing these dogs as rare variations.

Yorkie’s Health Condition

Puppies can still get sick, have abnormal births, or be the runt of the litter even after having their health checked. Dogs with known defects should be cheaper.

The problem, such as a wonky ear or a crooked tail, might not be a problem for you. Additionally, your breeder ought to be able to give you the results of the parent dogs’ and your puppy’s vet examinations.

Yorkie’s Location

The cost of any puppies will also depend on the breeder’s reputation and geographic location. Breeders may demand a higher price per puppy if there is an excessive demand in one area but a lack of supply.

Final Thoughts

All dogs make wonderful pets, regardless of their price. No matter what breed they are or how much money they cost, dogs make wonderful companions.

However, you should definitely spend money on a healthy dog that comes from a reputable breeder if you’d like a small dog with particular traits.

When you give a breeder money, you establish a relationship that will endure as long as your dog is alive. Additionally, you’ll ensure that your dog lives as long as possible while also saving money on pricey vet bills.