In addition to the price of owning a Siberian Husky, this article will also cover important long-term hidden costs like food, medical expenses, and other necessities.

Among the most well-liked canine breeds in the US is the Siberian Husky, or Husky. This could be the cause of the recent rise in the average price of huskies.

A purebred Siberian husky costs between $750 and $3,000 from reputable breeders. Prices typically start at $1,500 if you’re interested in a Husky puppy with champion bloodlines. Husky rescue from a shelter, however, can cost as little as $50. Husky prices may also vary based on factors such as health, location, pedigree, and color.

If getting a Sibe as your furry companion has ever crossed your mind, we’ll give you a quick rundown on how much they cost.

How Much Do Siberian Huskies Cost?

Whether you purchase a Siberian Huskies from a pet shop, a breeder or a rescue facility will have a significant impact on the price. It also depends on the breeder you’re purchasing from in terms of reputation.

That said, the price of Huskies purchased from pet stores will range from $800 and $1,300 for a pure breed. Along with other requirements, this cost includes the registration and legalization paperwork.

Buying a Husky from a registered professional breeder will imply obtaining a trained husky, perhaps. This will cost around $400 but can go up way more.

Beware of Huskies bought from backyard breeders. They may have health and behavioral issues, and their prices may range between $150 and $450. It appears inexpensive on the low end, but the added costs for healthcare might not be justified.

Adopting a Husky from a rescue center may cost you between $50 and $100. Taking this path is safe because most rescue homes are expert organizations and give professional care to dogs. Therefore, basic training and early vaccinations guarantee a healthy dog for you.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of a Husky Puppy

.how much is a husky puppy

Your Husky’s price may rise due to a few different factors.

Popularity and Location

The Husky is not one of the most well-known dog breeds, especially when compared to breeds like the Labrador and Golden Retriever. It had the 18th-highest popularity rating in the UK and the 14th-highest rating in the US in 2018.

But considering how many dog breeds there are, Huskies are not unpopular dogs either. According to Wide Open Pets, Siberian Huskies are the most popular dogs in the US states of Connecticut and Washington.

With that said, it’s likely Huskies will cost more in states that have a high demand for these arctic spitz dogs – at least relatively. Another significant factor that influences Husky prices is the standard of living in the state (or even city!).

Prices for Husky will differ in accordance with the nation, state, and city. For instance, dog prices are typically higher in California than, let’s say, Mississippi.

The Husky’s Lineage

Pedigree dogs cost much more than mixed-breed dogs, as is the case with all other breeds. Also, dogs with champion blood lineage will cost you a premium on top of the purebred label. What does this mean, though?

If you’re purchasing from a reputable breeder, you’ll get to see the pedigree of the puppy. The pedigree is essentially the family history of the dog, providing crucial health information that can be traced back several generations.

As you may have guessed, dogs showing little to no health issues in the lineage will cost more than those with issues. Additionally, it is simple to detect these medical conditions.

how much is a husky puppy

For instance, “OFA” on the pedigree means the dog suffered from hip dysplasia. On the other hand, you can learn about conditions affecting the eyes, elbow dysplasia, and more. Examinations will be graded as E, G, or F are the highest ratings possible.

As an originally working dog bred for sled-pulling in Siberia, Huskies are often purchased for sporting purposes to partake in sled-pulling competitions.

Buying a Husky with a champion lineage will cost you more than the ordinary pet Husky. So, if you spot a “CH” on the puppy’s pedigree, it means that dog price increases are difficult to predict because they depend on so many other variables, including AKC champion status.

Coat & Eye Color

This breed has a variety of coat colors ranging from black to grey to brown and silver. The silver coat is widely preferred to other colors, so you’ll likely have to pay more for a silver Husky pup.

Siberian Huskies are among the breeds with Heterochromia or having different colored eyes as a result of the uneven distribution of melanin. The dual-eyed Husky’s enigmatic and distinctive appearance is difficult to ignore.

A study in 2018 discovered a 98.6-kb duplication of the gene responsible for this unusual eye development that is majorly restricted to Siberian Huskies and is responsible for the breed of blue eyes.

Unfortunately, some breeders will charge more for Heterochromia in Huskies. While this isn’t a rare phenomenon, these unethical breeders often attempt to sell novice owners on the “rarity” of the eye condition.

A quick Google search reveals that buyers pay particular attention to the white Husky with blue eyes. Because of this, it’s probable that gullible owners will pay more for the distinctive appearance.

The Husky’s Age

how much is a husky puppy

A universal trend in prices is that puppies will sell for more as compared to older dogs. The main justifications center on how simple it is to train a puppy and the possibility of purchasing a dog that is healthier than an adult dog.

Also, mature dogs are more often found in shelter homes compared to puppies. In addition, adopting from a shelter is significantly less expensive, as we already mentioned. This was particularly true when there was a Game of Thrones hype and older Huskies flooded the shelters.

Gender of the Husky

Male Huskies tend to cost a little more than their female counterparts. A common reason for this price difference is that most Husky owners buy them with the professional intention of registering in sled-pulling rings and other types of sports.

While male Huskies can be consistent in such activities, a female If the competition is scheduled on a day when the dog is experiencing physiological changes (like bleeding), the husky might be unable to attend.

If the dog has been sprayed, the bleeding issue won’t be a problem. However, the female Husky is not as useful in sled-pulling, given the substantial difference in weight between the two genders (male: 45-60 pounds; female: 35-50 pounds).

Reputation of Breeder

Last but not least, the reputation of the breeder is one of the most significant factors for the different Husky prices. Reputable husky breeders are likely to have puppies with superior pedigrees, which are easily sold for more than $1,000.

The reason you should go with a reputable breeder is that they put more care into the breeding process. They are dependable, moral, educated, and most likely devoted to their dogs. But of course, they’ll cost more.

While reputable breeders may be more expensive up front, they may actually be cheaper in the long run. You get what you pay for, and a Husky puppy purchased cheaply may experience a number of health problems that will necessitate frequent trips to the veterinarian in the future.

How Much Does a Siberian Husky Cost Per Month?

how much is a husky puppy

One of the more costly dogs to maintain is the Siberian Huskie. Your monthly expenses will largely go toward fulfilling your need for exercise. Those who spend a large portion of the day at work will need to hire a dog walker, which can increase your overall costs by hundreds. You’ll need to frequently buy new toys, even if you’re home to walk your dog.

Additionally, you’ll have to pay for your dog’s food. Although huskies do consume more food than the majority of dogs, this does not necessarily translate into higher monthly costs. In comparison to other expenses, food is typically inexpensive.

Because your dog will require higher doses of medications, medications and other vet expenses frequently cost a lot of money.

Siberian Husky Health Care Costs

$71-$183 per month

One of the more significant monthly expenses you’ll incur is healthcare. Because huskies are large dogs, medical care is typically more expensive.

In order to get a higher dosage of medication for your dog, you will have to pay more. Because more anesthesia is needed, surgery is more expensive. Usually, the veterinarian also requires assistance in lifting the dog.

Siberian Husky Food Costs

$17-$33 per month

Despite the fact that every dog needs to eat, food won’t end up being a significant expense. Even if you buy more expensive dog food, you shouldn’t anticipate spending more than $33 per month. Although they eat more than small dogs, huskies don’t consume a lot of food.

Due to their smaller size, puppies will be less expensive to feed than adults. As your dog ages, you’ll probably start out paying about $17 a month, but you’ll end up paying more. These costs are predicated on your selecting premium dog food and purchasing in large quantities.

Some dogs require prescription dog food. As much as $50 more per month will be required for this.

Siberian Husky Grooming Costs

$9-$30 per month

Huskies don’t require trimming or anything similar. However, they shed heavily twice a year and have thick coats. You’ll probably need to spend money on a grooming session during these times. You might even have to spend money on two grooming appointments per shedding cycle, or four visits a year.

Depending on where you go and the services you receive, each visit could cost anywhere between $50 and $90. Given how long it takes to brush a husky, they are expensive to maintain as pets.

how much is a husky puppy

Siberian Husky Medications and Vet Visits

$30-$70 per month

You should budget $55 or so for your Husky’s basic preventative veterinary care. Puppies typically cost more because they require more medical care and vaccinations. In the first year, a puppy will typically require three trips to the vet. Vaccinations and physical examinations will be part of these visits.

Adults may incur slightly lower costs because they only require one visit. But it all depends on what this visit entails. Your expenses will go up because some Huskies require X-rays to look for hip dysplasia and other problems.

In addition, you’ll have to pay for flea and heartworm prevention. Your Husky is a sizable dog, so the cost of these medications will be higher.

Siberian Husky Pet Insurance Costs

$15-$50 per month

In general, huskies are healthy dogs. However, the issues they frequently experience can be very costly. Surgery for hip dysplasia can cost up to $6,000 per hip, while cataract surgery can cost up to $4,000 per eye. This is why we advise getting pet insurance.

Depending on what it covers, pet insurance can range greatly in price. $15 will likely cover an accident-only plan, but most pet owners will want more coverage.

Make sure the plan includes coverage for hip dysplasia. Despite being one of the most prevalent and costly issues that Huskies may encounter, many insurance companies fail to cover this.

Siberian Husky Environmental Maintenance Costs

$0-$400 per month

Huskies are lively canines. They need a lot of activity spread out over the course of the day. They don’t have a lot of endurance, so they frequently act exhausted after a brief walk. They do, however, recover quickly. They frequently require several quick walks throughout the day because of this.

Especially if they work, many owners find this challenging to do. However, a hyper Husky frequently causes damage. You’ll need to find a way to exercise your dog if you want to continue enjoying your couch.

Some individuals might be able to walk them while they are at lunch. Some people might be able to resolve a conflict with a friend or neighbor. Many will have to spend money on a dog walker.

This may be costly. A stroll can cost anywhere between $10 and $20. It adds up if you pay for a walk five days a week.

Siberian Husky Entertainment Costs


Huskies from Siberia are rough with their toys. They do, however, require a variety of toys due to their high activity requirements. If not, they will provide their own entertainment (like destroying the couch).

how much is a husky puppy

As they break things, you will need to regularly replenish their toy bin. This will happen frequently, given their size and zeal. Purchasing more expensive, long-lasting toys is your best option.

Although your dog will destroy them, they will last longer than inexpensive toys. A Husky can squish a cheap stuffed animal in under five minutes. A sturdy toy must last for a month.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Husky from a Rescue?

As previously mentioned, you may opt to adopt a Siberian Husky from an animal shelter or rescue and pay somewhere between $125 and $500.

Not only is this a good option if you’re looking for a more affordable price, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you gave a stray dog a new home.

Vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and deworming are typically already included in adoption fees. Husky puppies typically cost more than older ones for the same reason. Most older Huskies have had vaccinations and have been neutered or spayed.

When deciding whether to adopt a younger or older Husky, keep in mind that puppies are thought of as being more active and older dogs as being more laid back.

There is a good chance that you can find a Husky at animal shelters and rescues if you decide to adopt one. This is due to the fact that the detrimental effects of pop culture over the past few years have led to an increase in the number of abandoned Huskies.

Conclusion: Are Huskies Worth the Price?

Huskies are a fantastic pet option. However, they aren’t cheap. Purebred puppies from the Siberian Husky breed can cost between $1,000 and $2,500. Make sure to do your homework on the breeder if you plan to purchase from them to make sure they are breeding ethically.

But be sure you fully comprehend the additional lifetime costs associated with purchasing and caring for a Husky before making a purchase.