Do you desire a domestic animal that is both compassionate and a good hunting companion? If so, your next adoption should be a Boykin spaniel dog. Here are some details on Boykin spaniel puppies.

What we refer to as energetic fur balls are actually described as Boykin spaniels. It is extraordinarily loyal and has a high level of energy drive and hunting instincts. That is also the main factor in why nearly every hunter in South Carolina continues to favor this dog breed.

On the other hand, this tough n’ tough, serious-looking dog will change into the most gentle dog you’ve ever seen when at home, making Boykin spaniels a wonderful family pet. Due to their webbed toes, these friendly dogs make excellent swimming partners. They are easily recognized by their luscious brown hair and honey-gold eyes.

About the Breed

The Boykin Spaniel is an enthusiastic, eager, jovial, and trainable medium-sized flushing and retrieving dog that is distinguished by its rich brown coat. South Carolina’s best-kept secret once belonged to this calm housedog and tenacious bird dog.

Boykins are medium-sized spaniels, larger and rangier than Cockers but more compact than Springers. A stunning, solid-brown coat is the breed’s distinguishing feature. Rich liver to decadent chocolate is just a few of the colors. An expression of soulful intelligence is produced by the large, feathered ears that hang close to the cheeks.

Web-toed Boykins can swim like seals because they were developed to live and work in the lakes and swamps of their native South Carolina. Boykins was formerly only known to wild turkey and Carolina waterfowl hunters.

The Boykin is as charming at home as he is eager at the lake, but recently, the general public has come to realize this. ‘They are very, very sweet dogs to have around the family, according to a seasoned owner, but they are a tiger out in the field.

Boykin Spaniel Appearance

boykin spaniel puppies

Due to their similar floppy ears with light feathering, soft and silky fur, and long, expressive eyes, springer, Sussex, and cocker spaniels can all be mistaken for Boykin spaniels as puppies.

Boykin spaniels differ slightly from other spaniels in appearance because they also have wavy fur, well-developed chests, sloping shoulders, and lean, long snouts. To have a clearer idea about Boykin’s appearance, let’s have a quick look at some major features:


Despite being known as “little brown dogs,” Boykin spaniels have medium sizes and longer body frames. The males of this breed of dog, like those of other dog breeds, maybe 15 to 17 inches taller than the females. A female Boykin spaniel can reach a height of 16 inches, on the other hand.


Boykin spaniel dogs can range in weight depending on their size. The healthy males of this breed typically weigh between 32 and 38 pounds, while the healthy females of this breed should only weigh between 30-36 pounds.


A Boykin spaniel dog’s medium-length coat may be wavy or curly, which makes it extremely prone to matting or tangling. You can keep their coats looking as glossy and fluffy as ever, though, with regular grooming.

Similar to how the coat might moderately shed, you’d need to regularly clean and brush your home to remove any dead hair.


boykin spaniel puppies

Boykin spaniel canines come in a variety of colors, most of which are earth tones. The most common colors for these field spaniels are solid liver, brown, black, dark chocolate, and occasionally blue. Boykin spaniels can be found in stunning patterns in addition to solid colors.

Boykin Spaniel Care

One of the many reasons Boykin Spaniels have become well-liked family dogs is that they are well-known for being simple to train. However, this breed requires an owner who has a lot of time to devote to caring for its health in terms of exercise. Boykin Spaniels also need routine grooming to keep their silky, medium-length coats in good condition.


A daily stroll around the block is insufficient for the majority of sporting breeds. Boykin Spaniels are high-energy dogs that require one to two hours of daily exercise to remain happy and healthy, making them excellent companions for dog parents who enjoy going on hikes, swimming, biking, and running.

Numerous Boykins also take pleasure in mentally challenging pursuits like obedience training, agility sports, and nose work.


Grooming your Boykin Spaniel is fairly straightforward due to its medium-length, non-matting, non-tangling fur. It is advised to take regular baths and showers and to maintain your dental hygiene.

Given that this breed’s ears have long hair, give them a little extra care by cleaning them frequently. After outdoor romps, don’t forget to gently brush through your dog’s coat and look for ticks.


Boykin Spaniels excel at learning. This breed has a strong aptitude for learning new skills and tricks. Boykins are people-pleasers, so you won’t probably encounter much resistance when training them. From the age of eight weeks, you can train this dog to be a polite companion with treats and lots of positive reinforcement.

boykin spaniel puppies

Diet and Nutrition

A high-quality dog food, whether it is made commercially or at home under the guidance and approval of your veterinarian, should be able to support the Boykin Spaniel. Any diet should be suitable for the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior).

It’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s weight and calorie intake because some breeds are prone to obesity. However, giving too many treats can lead to obesity. Treats can be a valuable training aid.

Find out which foods from humans are safe for dogs and which are not. If you are worried about your dog’s diet or weight, speak to your veterinarian. Fresh water that is clean should always be accessible.

Common Health Problems

Any purebred dog, including the Boykin Spaniel, is susceptible to genetic diseases. To lessen the chance of passing diseases to puppies, ethical breeders have their dogs examined by veterinarians prior to breeding.

According to the Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Association of America, the health problems you should be most aware of include:

boykin spaniel puppies
  • Hip dysplasia: As your dog ages, a malformation can lead to dysplasia, a condition that affects their joints.
  • Luxating patella: This condition causes your dog’s knee to move out of place and can result in cartilage, ligament, and inflammation problems.
  • Exercise-Induced Collapse Syndrome: A relatively common ailment in sporting breeds, exercise-induced collapse causes your dog to lose complete control of its muscles, weaken, and eventually collapse after brief periods of exercise.
  • Numerous breeds of dogs are afflicted by the disease known as Collie Eye Anomaly, which bears the breed’s name. It hinders eye growth and can cause blindness.

History of the Boykin Spaniel

As previously mentioned, wild turkeys, waterfowl, pheasants, and other game birds were originally used to breed the Boykin spaniel in South Carolina. Boykin is regarded as South Carolina’s official dog for the same reason. South Carolinians not only do this, but they also observe Boykin Spaniel Day on September 1st.

In terms of where it came from, it’s thought that in 1990, a man by the name of Alexander White adopted a stray brown spaniel. He gave the dog the nickname “dumpy” because of his small stature.

After seeing the dog’s exceptional hunting instincts, retrieving prowess, and birds sense, White later sends Dumpy to Whit Boykin, another one of his hunting friends, for additional training.

Boykin crossed Dumpy with Chesapeake Bay, American Water, Springer, and Cocker spaniels after discovering his superpowers.

The resulting dogs were outstanding water retrievers, and as a result, they quickly gained enormous popularity in South Carolina as duck and dove dogs. A stray little brown dog served as the leader of the Boykin spaniel foundation in this manner.

If you’re unaware, hunters prefer small boats to catch prey because they can more easily maneuver them through narrow river channels. Additionally, hunters are unable to travel with the typical-sized retrievers because these small boats are already loaded with men, weapons, and supplies.

Boykin spaniels have thick and small bodies and can comfortably sit, even in a small boat, without making it tip over, which was the main reason boaters started switching to this new dog breed.

Boykin spaniels are becoming more and more well-liked over time, reaching a high level in America.