Are you and your family looking to adopt a dog but are not sure which breed would suit your family? A sweet and affectionate breed of dog, the Barbet is equipped with a soft coat of fur that makes for the best cuddles you could imagine. Here are some about barbet puppies you should know before adopting.

What Is A Barbet Dog

A type of French water dog is the Barbet. They are medium-sized dogs that got their name from the French word for beard, “barbe.” Once you’ve seen one of these fuzzy dogs, you’ll know why they were given their unusual name.

Caring For Your Barbet Puppy

Just like with any other young pup, their care revolves around getting enough physical activity, eating the right diet, and proper grooming for their breed. The Barbet puppy doesn’t require much more upkeep than other dog breeds, but there are some particular care requirements that must be considered. 


Barbet puppies need a lot of mental stimulation as well as time for physical activity because they are an intelligent and athletic breed overall. The Barbet was once a magnificent and noble hunting and swimming dog, but nowadays, they are most frequently kept as straightforward house pets.

 They still have an athletic build and lots of energy when they are born, though. Taking your Barbet puppy outside for dog walks or runs daily, as well as other forms of physical playtime is incredibly beneficial for these pups.


The question “does the Barbet shed?” is probably one of the more pressing ones on your mind right now.” That question doesn’t get answered very often. compared to other breeds with fur that is as thick as theirs. However, there is certain grooming that should be done regularly for the Barbet puppy. 

Part of basic pet hygiene is grooming your dog. Brushing their fur completely a few times a week is a good start, depending on how frequently you can devote the time to grooming. Another good habit to develop is taking a bath once a week. Some people will advise brushing them out before bathing them, but this really depends on your preferences and those of your Barbet puppy.  It will be beneficial in the long run to begin grooming habits when the pet is still a puppy because they will become accustomed to this grooming routine as they get older.


Any food that you give the Barbet puppy that is appropriate for their age will probably satisfy them. They don’t have a reputation for being incredibly picky eaters. One thing to keep in mind when making healthy homemade dog food, is that it’s wise to supplement them with nutritious oils during the drier months of the year. Of course, where you live and the type of seasonal weather you encounter will determine this. 

However, giving them extra oils, like omega-3, will help keep their fur coat healthy and shiny and prevent the occurrence of dry skin. To make sure you are giving your Barbet pup the correct supplements, you can always speak with their veterinarian if you’re unsure of where to purchase them or which ones would be best for them. 


Barbets have a tendency to be stubborn because they are highly intelligent. Obedience training, as well as regular exercise and entertainment, can help. The barbet is affectionate and devoted to its family, but it might not be as amiable to outsiders. Regular obedience training and a healthy dose of socialization can be beneficial.

Common Health Problems

Barbets are typically healthy dogs, but there is no assurance that they won’t develop certain health issues. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms, so you can seek proper care if your dog shows signs of any of these health conditions:

Hip Or Elbow Dysplasia

This condition affects the joints in the hips and elbows and can result in extreme pain and weakness. Asking your breeder for a joint guarantee is crucial because dysplasia is an inherited condition. Even though genetics play a major role in the majority of dysplasia cases, injuries and uncontrolled weight gain can also trigger its occurrence.

Barbet Puppies


Characterized by frequent seizures, epilepsy is a condition that affects the electrical currents of your dog’s brain. Convulsions that involve the entire body, collapsing, and mouth foaming are all indicators of seizures. Contact your veterinarian right away for treatment if your dog displays any of these signs.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

A dog’s vision may suffer from PRA. The rods, cones, and/or pigmented layer of the eye lens deteriorate as a result of the genetic disease and are eventually worn away, leading to blindness. 

What Is The Price Of A Barbet Puppy

A Barbet puppy typically sells for around $2,000. In this case, it is assumed that you want to buy a purebred Barbet puppy from a breeder. When adopting numerous different pure-bred puppies, high adoption rates like these are typical.


Puppies and barbet dogs make wonderful family pets. They fit in well with almost any household thanks to their friendly and devoted personalities. recognizing that they do struggle with being alone for prolonged periods of time. This merely means that you should consider whether a Barbet puppy would fit into your lifestyle. 

There aren’t many other factors to consider before adopting a Barbet puppy, though. They will live with you happily ever after as long as you can give them the love and playful interaction that they require.