A 3-month-old puppy needs your help to develop its health, eat food, and train. It is quintessential to take the right care of what a 3-month-old puppy eats as soon as it turns three months or older. Make positive you feed them solely designed doggy meals that are specially designed to meet the necessities of puppies.

By three months ancient your doggy is equipped to begin studying simple commands, the coaching foundations you instill now are going to lift on at some point in your puppy’s life.

How To Keep 3-Month-Old Puppy Healthy


As the proprietor of a 3-month-old puppy, it’s your duty to make certain that he’s as healthful as possible. That consists of vaccinating him from risky and even deadly diseases. Some states require positive vaccines, such as rabies.

Most pups acquire a collection of vaccinations to stop parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and rabies. Your veterinarian may additionally endorse different vaccinations. For instance, the Bordetella vaccine, which prevents kennel cough, is frequently endorsed for pups who will be boarding at kennels whilst their proprietors are out of town.


A 3-month-old puppy’s crate is the best spot for dozing and snoozing at night. The crate needs to be simply massive and adequate for him to stand and flip around. If you purchase a better crate so he can develop into it, region a rolled-up blanket in the quit so that he doesn’t have room to do away with it. Place a smooth blanket or towel on the ground to hold him comfortable.

What To Feed 3-Month-Old Puppy


A 3-month-old puppy prospers on puppy-designated food. So, you ought to no longer feed them person canine meals as it will be incompatible with their refined system. Puppies have multiplied metabolism, so they want high-energy and nutrient-rich components meals to meet their demands.

Puppy meals for 3 month old nourish doggies and offer them a whole and balanced weight loss plan to develop and advance into healthful and sturdy grown dogs. A lot of pet meal manufacturers provide first-class pup food. The pleasant domestic 3-month-old puppy meals preference need to include an excessive quantity of protein, DHA, calcium, and carbohydrate. These factors make certain an all-around wholesome boom in puppies.

Dry VS. Wet Puppy Food

Although dry kibble is a famous choice, it’s now not the sole option. As you stroll the canine meals aisles, you can also see each dry and moist domestic dog food.

This can make it tougher to determine what to feed a 3-month-old puppy. Fortunately, as long as each moist and dry formulation is entire and balanced for developing puppies, you can feed both to your pup with confidence.

You and your 3-month-old puppy may also have a choice when it comes to dry versus wet. Feeding an aggregate of the two is additionally an option.

Avoid Human Food

Dogs have different nutritional needs from humans and what’s good for us can cause serious stomach upsets in dogs. Giving your 3-month-old puppy scraps or hand-feeding can also cause bad behavior.

3-month-old puppy

How To Train 3-Month-Old Puppy


Superb praise is a word, phrase, or sound that can be used to inform your pup he has accomplished something right. Common markers are “Good boy”, “Good Girl”, “Yes”, or the easy click on of an education clicker. Make positive to use the identical marker each time you reward your pup.

Use Your Pups Food For Training

Treats or meals primarily based on rewards are the most frequent form, however, you have to use a number of reward strategies to preserve your pup’s guessing. Toys, playtime, and affection are all first-rate methods to exhibit to your pup that you like what you are seeing. Make certain to reward your 3-month-old puppy early and often. Soon your child will partner the reward with the behaviors and begin to do it naturally, barring you even having to ask!

Be Patient And Consistent

It’s effortless to end up pissed off with the pup education process. Puppies are younger and nonetheless figuring out the world, so they will make mistakes. It takes time to set up a verbal exchange between yourself and your 3-month-old puppy, so don’t anticipate them getting it on the first try!

To get them on song faster, keep a regular agenda for your 3-month-old puppy. Consider developing a day-by-day domestic dog agenda that consists of potty breaks, feeding and play times, doggy education sessions, and nap times! This will assist your pup study to apprehend each day’s family routine, experience assured and secure, grant structure, and promote proper behavior.

Practice, Practice, Practice

That pronouncing “practice makes perfect” is absolutely authentic when it comes to pup training! You’ll desire to agenda a few brief education periods every day to educate and exercise their commands. With younger puppies, you may also solely be capable to preserve their interest for 5-10 minutes at a time, and about 10-15 minutes with older puppies. A first-rate time to do this is at your 3-month-old puppy’s mealtime, as you can have them work to earn their breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Keep these education periods short, fun, and motivating for your pup so they can not wait to do them once more and again! And, as soon as your domestic 3-month-old puppy has accomplished the splendid vaccination routine, begin working towards their coaching routines in unique locations! This will assist solidify their commands, and inspire equal right behaviors anywhere you carry your 3-month-old puppy!