Most 2-month-old puppies are solely a fraction of their grownup height, length, and weight. How to take care of them and how to train them to become a problem that owners should know well. Puppies typically develop hastily between the beginning and 6 months of age. How an awful lot they develop will rely on their breed as nicely as their diet at some stage in their youth.

How To Take Care Of Your 2MonthOld Puppy


2-month-old domestic dogs ought to have obtained at least their first set of shots. The normal vaccine is a “combination” that protects in opposition to dogs’ distemper virus, canines hepatitis, parainfluenza, and canines parvovirus (the 4 viruses are frequently abbreviated as DHPP). Many veterinarians additionally suggest incorporating safety in opposition to leptospirosis into this vaccination (DHLPP), and maybe coronavirus (DHLPPC) safety as well. Additionally, Lyme disorder vaccination may additionally be advocated relying on a pet’s vicinity and pastime level. Individual states can also additionally have animal vaccination legal guidelines to consider.


A fecal examination is the microscopic examination of stool for parasites and may additionally be finished to affirm if there are worms or decide which worms are present.


It’s also a good idea for new pet owners to consult their vet’s office for guidance related to their 2-month-old puppy’s diet and nutrition.

Heart-worm Prevention

Heart-worm prevention is necessary for 2-month-old doggies that are in danger and need to normally begin earlier than pups attain six months of age.

Flea/Tick Control

Veterinarians may also recommend a variety of manageable anti-pest treatments.


How To Train Your 2MonthOld Puppy

Step 1: Buy a Crate

Most pups are weaned between 6 to eight weeks of age, after which they go away from their moms and commence ingesting strong food. A 2-month-old must devour 4 ingredients per day of great pup meals formulated for puppies of their size.

Based on body weight, pups require almost twice as much energy as personal dogs. The range of energy a 2-month-old doggy desire varies with its size, undertaking level, and weight.

Step 2: Introduce the Puppy to the Crate

The crate needs to be a protected quarter for your puppy; add a tender blanket or a historic T-shirt with your scent to make it a satisfying environment. You will want to bribe your pup at first with the aid of supplying treats, toys, and even full ingredients when introducing your pup to the crate.

Step 3: Keep the Gate Open

Leave the door ajar till your 2-month-old puppy feels comfy getting into it on his own. Once your furry associate has hooked up his crate as a “safe zone” you can shut the gate for brief bits of time. Start with 5 min, then 10, then 30… you get the point.

Step 4: Crate Placement

Start with the crate shut with the aid as you hold out gazing at TV, reading, or doing laptop work. Place the crate shut to your mattress at night time as well. This will assist reduce down on your2-month-old puppy’s separation anxiousness whilst in the crate.

Step 5: Designate a Potty Spot

Always deliver your 2-month-old dog to an equal spot. Your doggy learns by means of doing, so the extra possibilities he has to go in the equal spot, the extra in all likelihood your pup is to construct a robust choice for that area.

Step 6: Praise and Treat Don’t Craze and Beat

Never get mad at your 2-month-old puppy for having an accident inside. Punishment can also make your pup worry you and disguise when he wants to go. Always carry some tasty treats on your stroll and reward your doggy handsomely when he tinkles in the proper spot.

Step 7: Prevent Daytime Accidents

The fine offense is an appropriate defense. Supervision and administration are indispensable in the early days. Keep your 2-month-old doggy on a mild leash even when indoors, use a domestic dog play-pen to confine motion to a small area, and use the crate each time you go away from the house. The extra accidents you can avoid, the quicker the residence coaching procedure will go.

Step 8: Sleep is Overrated

Having a 2-month-old doggy is like having a newborn. The toddler will cry at night time in the crate, and most probably it will be due to the fact he desires to tinkle. If your child wakes up and whines, go without delay from the crate to the potty spot. This will manifest a number of instances a night time at first, however, it will get higher in a couple of weeks as your infant will start to sleep via the night. Don’t let your pup roam free at night time or accidents will inevitably occur.

Step 9: Timing is Key

Keep an eye on the clock. You ought to take your 2-month-old doggy to the targeted potty spot each time he exits the crate, 15 minutes after each meal, and after a lengthy stint of playing.

Step 10: Quick Cleanup

Clean any accidents up proper away so your 2-month-old puppy doesn’t confuse the sofa or closet for the distinctive potty area.

Step 11: Patience is a Virtue

House training is a manner and it takes a while. Most 2-month-old puppies aren’t absolutely trained till nicely previous to the 6-month mark. Your pup will select it up extra and greater every day, so continue to be advantageous and maintain up the suitable work!


It’s that time of yr when many human beings have acquired a 2-month-old puppy for Christmas and are now making an attempt to train the puppy. Being away from his mother, sisters and brothers isn’t effortless for a new 2-month-old puppy. The new environment of your domestic and all the new points of interest and smells that go alongside it don’t make it any easier. Reduce your puppy’s stress and worry with the aid of spending a lot of time together. The greater time you spend with your pup at a younger age the improved your lifelong bond will be.